We were delighted when a group of embroiderers from Santiago Atitlán, known as the House of Birds, joined the Multicolores Association last month. The House of Birds embroidery cooperative is a group of talented weavers and embroiderers, Tz’utujil Maya people from Santiago, Guatemala. About 15 women and 3 men belong to the group. They create stunningly complex huipils (blouses) and pantalones (pants) embroidered with birds.

A highlight for The House of Birds this year was when curtain panels sewn from a House of Birds fabric was featured in the New York Times.

One of the House of Bird’s youngest members, Rosa Elizabeth Sicay Tziná (above), learned to embroider when she was 14 years old, initially at school but then under the watchful eye of her father Jose Sicay Tzina. Rosa works full time and attends University one day a week, using the income from her embroidery to support her studies.

We’re thrilled to now represent these artisans, along with our talented rug hookers. Culture Cloth featured the news in a recent blog post, “Introducing: The House of Birds Embroidery Cooperative”. You can view more examples of the embroidery and see how the fabric is being used in upholstery, curtains and other products here.

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