Collection: Bartola Morales Tol


Bartola has been a Multicolores artist since 2014.

Her favorite parts of being an artist at Multicolores are creating, exploring new ways to combine colors, and drawing to create unique pieces.

She draws her inspiration from nature, thus she takes advantage of every opportunity to draw inspiration whenever she goes out. She also gets her designs from the traditional Guatemalan “Güipiles”, which she views through internet networks.

Bartola feels proud of having created her first extra-large rug piece, despite having recently joined Multicolores. It was a challenge as her daughter was still young, but now she feels very proud of accomplishing it.

“For me, Multicolores has been a place where I can express myself and be unique. It also inspires us to grow as individuals, emotionally and personally. It pays attention to how we can develop and acquire more skills. In the past, societal roles made us believe that we could only be homemakers caring for others. However, now there’s a change in my life. I have new opportunities to learn about other cultures, and our artworks are taken to other countries. It has been truly wonderful, but despite everything, I have faced some physical health issues. Now, I am motivated to keep moving forward and taking care of myself.”