Collection: Carmen Maldonado García


Carmen has been a Multicolores artist since 2009.

Her favorite part of being an artist at Multicolores unfolds every time she embarks on crafting a new rug, a surge of excitement envelops her. She confidently asserts that her most cherished facet of this work lies in sketching patterns of flowers, birds, and various creatures. These motifs serve as her motivational force, propelling her onward. Presently, she experiences a feeling of satisfaction and pride in her accomplishments.

She draws inspiration from the diverse Guatemalan “Güipiles”, belts, and nature itself. Nature provides her with elements to incorporate into her designs, such as natural leaves, which serve as a foundation for her creative process.

Carmen takes pride in knowing that she has developed the ability to create art, affording her the means to purchase land, accumulate savings for her old age, and partially support her son’s university education.

“Multicolores is an organization that provides me with support in many ways. Before, I couldn’t draw, read, and didn’t have an income. However, now I have acquired these abilities, and I am gradually gaining better opportunities for personal growth.”