Collection: Catalina Tomasa Itzep Chay


Tomasa has been a Multicolores artist since 2017.

Her favorite aspect of being an artist at Multicolores involves engaging in crochet embroidery. This practice evokes memories of her childhood, during which she frequently participated in embroidery work. The process itself gives her a sense of serenity and calmness.

She draws inspiration from nature, which is her preferred theme to incorporate into her rug designs. She takes delight in depicting vibrant and cheerful-colored flowers in her creations, aiming to convey a sense of joy.

Tomasa takes pride in achieving the ability to skillfully blend colors and enhance her crochet stitching technique. This accomplishment has enabled her to secure an economic income to cover her expenses, which is particularly important due to occasional health-related challenges she faces.

“For me, Multicolores is an organization that supports Maya women with needs, providing them with assistance and helping us recognize the value that each of us holds as women.”

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