Collection: Dolores Esperanza Yax Alvarado

Esperanza has been a Multicolores artist since 2013.
Her favorite part of being an artist at Multicolores is the moment when she begins to draw inspiration from her surroundings. This process aids her in generating designs, making it less challenging to come up with ideas. Subsequently, she selects the colors and begins her artwork creation.
She draws her inspiration from geometric patterns, animals, and the unique traditional costumes of various communities. Esperanza combines elements from each design, as well as from Holy Week traditions, the street carpets they craft, her own imaginative concepts, and her personal experiences.
Esperanza takes pride in the fact that Multicolores enables her to secure a substantial income, which she utilizes to support her family. Furthermore, it brings her joy to recognize that the rugs she produces boast high quality, consistently garnering compliments and acknowledgment for the dedication she invests in each piece.


“It’s a support, a big family, and it has helped us greatly both materially and personally. They encourage us, telling us that we can always do it and that nothing is impossible.

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