Collection: Glendy Emiliana Muj Mendoza


Glendy has been a Multicolores artist since 2014.

Her favorite part of being an artist in Multicolores is combining colors because it brings her joy, and she feels that through it, she expresses her happiness. She also enjoys drawing.

She gets her inspiration from both ancient and modern “Güipiles” (traditional blouses), allowing her to express how times have changed. By finding inspiration in the ancient “Güipiles”, she can showcase the passage of time and introduce the villages of her grandparents and ancestors.

Glendy feels proud of herself because with her income, she can support her husband in the projects they work on together. She has also managed to pave and fence the courtyard of her house; she’s delighted that her rugs are now in other countries. Achieving this is something she never thought she would accomplish, especially given her lower level of education. Now, she can see her goals and aspirations fulfilled.

“To me, Multicolores signifies opportunity, people who are interested in supporting women in our communities, and it also represents development, enabling them to achieve their goals and find happiness.”