Collection: Irma Raquel Churunel Ajú

Irma has been a Multicolores artist since 2015.

Her favorite part of being an artist at Multicolores is being able to combine colors; she really enjoys creating harmony in her pieces through her artworks.

She draws inspiration from the Guatemalan “Güipiles”, which constantly innovate in their designs, allowing her to gain new inspirations that highlight her country. She also draws inspiration from nature, including birds, butterflies, and flowers.

Irma feels proud of being able to save money and support her siblings in continuing their education. Her contribution helps them complete their studies. She has also achieved the goal of completing the Leadership program, where she received training and can now lead her group and initiate projects in her community.

“Multicolores is an association that supports Maya women in obtaining economic opportunities, assisting our families, and fostering personal development through training such as leadership.”

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