Collection: Juana Yolanda Churunel Ajú


Yolanda has been a Multicolores artist since 2015.

Her favorite part of being an artist at Multicolores is being able to design because she feels very good when creating the designs, as through them she can express her feelings.

She gets her inspiration from nature, old books, the “Güipiles” of her community, and the stories from her community. As a result, every design she creates holds a story.

Yolanda feels proud of being able to participate in a group of women and thus express herself.

She takes pride in putting her designs on the rugs she creates and in her personal life. Through her earnings, she has managed to contribute to her family’s progress, which brings her a lot of satisfaction.

“For me, Multicolores represents an opportunity for growth, new experiences, and skills, where we can become leaders in our communities and thus support more people.”

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