Collection: María Magdalena Tziná Vásquez


María Magdalena has been a Multicolores artist since 2018.

Her favorite aspect of being an artist at Multicolores is drawing and creating various types of animals, such as butterflies and birds. She loves combining colors because it motivates her to keep moving forward.

She draws inspiration from nature, traditions, and Guatemalan culture. Additionally, she finds inspiration from the various animals that surround her, as she admires how they interact with nature.

Previously, she had never practiced the art of embroidery, but now she has acquired this skill, and she is very proud of this achievement. She would like to continue preparing herself to learn much more.

“For me, it’s a great opportunity, it’s support, and I’ve always liked that it brings us together in some activities to meet people from different communities. Multicolores is unity.”

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