Collection: María Ofelia Raczán Chajón


Ofelia has been a Multicolores artist since 2018.

Her favorite aspects of being an artist at Multicolores involve embroidering and combining colors. While embroidering, she feels like she can release her emotions.

Ofelia is inspired by her own life story. Among the many stories she shares, there is one that has left a mark on her – one where she is with her daughter, very happy before an accident.

She feels very proud of her personal growth and her embroideries.

“Multicolores has been a beautiful place that works with women who create beautiful artwork. It’s also a place that makes everyone appreciate our work. It’s a unique place, and I’m very proud to be an artist in Multicolores because it makes me feel like part of a family and a sisterhood, and there’s a sense of trust. Every time I go, I meet artists from different communities, and that’s where you can easily bond because we’ve all learned to have respect for each other.”

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