Collection: Micaela Yaj Sunú


Micaela has been a Multicolores artist since 2018.

Her favorite aspect of being an artist at Multicolores involves creating her design and then transferring it onto the fabric. She also enjoys observing the various colors of her threads, enjoying the process of selecting and combining each shade. Watching her embroidery take shape and witnessing the final outcome brings her satisfaction, excitement, and a deep appreciation for her work.

She draws inspiration from places she has visited, as well as from nature, traditions, traditional costumes, cultures, fairs, her dreams, imagination, and the beautiful Lake Atitlán.

Micaela feels very proud of everything she has achieved, of the experiences she has had, and of every opportunity that has been provided to her. She is proud of the skill she possesses in her embroideries, seeing her work displayed in exhibitions, and hearing her name mentioned in various parts of the world. This motivates her even more to continue moving forward.

“Multicolores represents a second family to me. It embodies unity, motivation, and hope. It fosters well-being for all women and is exceptionally welcoming, radiating peace, love, and patience. This is a place that deepens our appreciation for Guatemala, with its rich culture, traditions, and distinctive attire that identifies us on a global scale. It’s also where we find the strength to persevere and advance in our lives as women.”

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