Collection: Nicolasa Pacay Barán de Barreno


Nicolasa has been a Multicolores artist since 2014.

Her favorite part of being an artist in Multicolores is infusing her designs with colors, and she delights in how her rugs come to life with vibrant hues. Through this process, she can express herself despite life’s challenges, always giving her best. She cherishes the moments when people appreciate her work, as skills like hers are often undervalued.

She finds inspiration in nature, “Güipiles” (traditional blouses), belts, and her cultural heritage, drawing from the traditions of Maya ancestors.

Nicolasa feels proud of her journey. She overcame her fear of life’s challenges, and she’s equally proud of her ability to create artworks that not only fulfill her artistic passion but also contribute to improving her living conditions alongside her husband. Her sense of accomplishment is deeply rooted.

“Multicolores represents opportunities, determination, hard work, and the triumph over challenges in various aspects of my life—personally, within my family, and in my career.”

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