Collection: Pascuala Vicente Az de Maldonado

Pascuala has been a Multicolores artist since 2009.

Her favorite part of being an artist at Multicolores is the process of drawing and deriving inspiration from nature, particularly birds and flowers, which infuse her with a sense of tranquility. Another source of motivation for her is the ability to harmoniously combine colors, achieving a delicate equilibrium between vivid and muted tones. While the search for all the necessary colors might sometimes pose a challenge, she finds joy in this creative pursuit.

Her creative wellspring is drawn from the “Güipiles” of Guatemala, as well as the vibrant belts that radiate joy. She also draws inspiration from the places she visits, like Salcajá Park, where she encounters abundant nature, especially flowers, which find their way into her rug designs.

Pascuala takes pride in accomplishing her goal of mastering the crochet technique. Though initially demanding, she has successfully conquered it. Additionally, she is proud to have attained an economic income, a significant achievement given her husband’s battle with alcoholism, which previously hindered her capacity for stable earnings.

“For me, Multicolores is an immensely impactful organization, providing us access to economic empowerment and fostering well-being among women.”

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