Collection: Rosario Gutiérrez Pacheco de García


Rosario has been a Multicolores artist since 2011.

Her favorite part of being an artist at Multicolores is creating her artworks, as she can express her creativity in the rugs she makes. She likes that through this, she can be an independent person with an economic resource that can contribute to her and her family.

She draws her inspiration from everything around her, which includes nature and observing designs on belts, costumes, bags, napkins, and aprons.

Rosario feels proud of being able to contribute to her children’s education. Similarly, she has become a more independent woman, covering personal expenses such as clothing and other needs. When she started learning the technique, it was challenging for her, but now she has succeeded, and she is challenging herself to continue exploring new processes.

“Multicolores is an association that always takes us into account, it’s a blessing, a support. When they organize activities where we can share, they always support us financially. It has helped me a lot personally and my family. I often express gratitude to the people who purchase our products because it allows us to have more work.”