Introducing our Online Collection of Statement Rugs!

Introducing our Online Collection of Statement Rugs!

Drumroll, please… We’re delighted to present our collection of rugs online for the first time! The 146 original, heirloom-quality statement rugs in our inaugural online collection represent the excellent quality and innovative artistry for which Multicolores is celebrated. 

Most summers, Multicolores artists and staff travel to the U.S. for a series of sales events, workshops, rug-hooking classes, and talks. We’ve connected with so many of you at these events, so summer is a special time for us! Travel is not possible this year due to COVID-19, but we’re proud to share the artists’ work with you nonetheless.

“Not only was it wonderful to hear people saying ‘How beautiful!’ and ‘I love your work!’, but I also understood how much these sales mean to our community. I was so excited to bring back the news of our success.” 

-Rosmery Pacheco, rug-hooking artist, on her experience representing Multicolores at U.S. sales events in 2018

A look inside the collection 

We’ve curated a selection of exceptional rugs that will infuse your space with color and vitality. These statement rugs showcase the full range of individual styles and sources of inspiration found in our artists’ work.

Petronila's story rug

Story rugs: These visual narratives recount legends and tell stories from artists’ lives, communities, and imagination. While every Multicolores rug undoubtedly tells a story, the narrative designs of these story rugs are a relatively new innovation. Along with embroidery artists, rug-hooking artists participated in Storytelling through Design workshops in 2019 that laid the foundation for this new creative exploration. 

“When I was young, my grandfather told me a story about the origin of our community, Quiejel. Long ago, the community was not easy to reach. My ancestors worked together with their neighbors to build a bridge that horses could cross. That’s why our village is called Quiejel, which means ‘horse’ in K’iché.”

-Petronila Jorge Set

Explore the Story Rug Collection

More collections: 

  • Maya Heritage: These designs reference Maya culture, cosmovision, and celebrations. Look for nahuales, glyphs that are powerful symbols of each individual’s place in a balanced spiritual ecosystem.
  • Celebrating Nature: Rugs inspired by our place in the lively natural world: birds in flight, flowers blooming, trees, and animals.
  • Huipil Inspired: Compositions that draw on the color and rich symbolism of traditional woven Maya clothing, indumentaria maya, especially woven blouses known as huipiles. Each community’s huipiles are unique, expressing identity and tradition. 

We are delighted to share with all of you the exceptional work of Multicolores’ artists!

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