• Nancy Cosme


    Nancy brings over eleven years of experience in project management, non-formal education and quality control, working with indigenous artisan women from different regions of Guatemala. She is close to obtaining a degree in Business Technology and Management from Galileo University. Nancy works at Mayan Hands, a Fair Trade organization in Guatemala- and feels immense gratification for contributing to the benefit of low-income families who find work opportunities through the use of their own hands and ideas. She believes that there isn’t anything more beautiful than planting seeds in fertile land.  

    “Multicolores is an ideal space to highlight the pride in the artists’ achievements.”

  • Mary Anne Wise


    Wise is an esteemed American textile artist, curator and visionary advocate for indigenous textile traditions. She is nationally recognized as an accomplished weaver, inspired creator of one-of-a-kind hooked rugs, and, as a rug hooking design teacher. Her work is in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the US. In 2009 she co-founded Cultural Cloth to promote sales that support women textile practitioners from around the world. She co-founded Multicolores and co-authored Rug Money: How A Group of Maya Women Changed Their Lives Through Art and Innovation, an award winning book. Wise lives on a Century Farmstead she shares with her husband in rural Wisconsin.

    “When I think of Multicolores, I think of an organization comprised of brave women united in purpose who make the world a better place.”

  • Jody Slocum


    Jody worked as a textile artist for over fifteen years, She co-founded Cultural Cloth with Mary Anne Wise in 2009. Jody has extensive knowledge of the Maya people and their textiles, and traveling in Guatemala. She has led annual tours to Guatemala on behalf of Farmer to Farmer, a non-profit based in Western Wisconsin since 2004, and Multicolores Rug Hooking Tours since 2012. Anyone who meets and travels with Jody appreciates her energy, patience and cultural insights. Jody is one of the four founders of Multicolores.

    “Multicolores gives the talented Maya women artists a place to excel in their artistry and in their lives. They are truly models of what happens when women are given access to education and opportunities- they fly!”

  • Beth Charlesworth


    Beth first met Multicolores’ artists and founders at the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, NM.  She was engaged by the quality and colorful designs of their hooked rugs, and their repeated annual success at the Market.  Beth then joined one of Multicolores’ rug-hooking tours to the communities around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and was even more inspired by the Maya artists and their work, and accepted an invitation to join Multicolores’ Board.  

    Beth has had multiple careers including as an economic consultant for litigation, and before that, in civil rights enforcement.  Beth has an MBA, and lives in Palo Alto, CA.

    “When I think of Multicolores, I think of brilliance — of the Maya women artists, of the colors and designs of their work, of their accomplishments in using the proceeds of their work to benefit their families and communities.”

  • Abra Hovgaard


    Abra is a proven leader who has a passion for helping others reach their full potential.  For 15 years she has run an award-winning financial planning practice that helps clients achieve their financial hopes and dreams.  She also leads Optimize Your Practice, a coaching program that helps other financial planners across the US and Canada to serve their clients more effectively.  In addition, she serves as the Board President for the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance, an environmental non-profit working to restore the health of Lake Pepin, a unique section of the Mississippi River.  

    Abra is known for her ability to think strategically, communicate with impact, and develop others. She found her passion for helping women in the developing world while volunteering as an English teacher in Peru in 2002.  While there she lived in a rural mountain village with an indigenous family of artists.  This allowed her to see first-hand the challenges faced by artists in rural communities with limited resources.

    “Multicolores is the spark that enables Mayan women to transform themselves, their families, and their communities through personal empowerment and economic opportunity.“

  • Angie Brown


    Angie is passionate about empowering women artisans to live better lives. She loves to travel and wherever she goes, she seeks out artisans who make handmade textiles that reflect the experience and culture of the maker.  She worked for 3 decades nurturing a small business that sold meeting registration supplies for tradeshows, conventions & meetings.  

    Angie is practical and entrepreneurial.  She and her husband Rich are retired and living in Santa Barbara.  She hikes every day she can.  She has two sons, two stepdaughters, and 3 amazing grandkids. 

    “Multicolores empowers Maya women artists to build additional stability into their lives when they earn an income, develop a skill and build relationships with their fellow-artists.”

  • Kim Scanlan


    Kim Scanlan received her BA in Political Science/History from Iowa State University, her MBA from Wichita State University, and her PhD in Organizational Management from Capella University.  During her career Kim worked in leadership roles in, and serve as a consultant for, human resources, finance, communications, shared services, strategic planning and organizational development for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. During her career, Kim worked diligently in support of diversity and equal opportunity and was a tireless supporter of women’s rights in the workplace.

    Kim was an adjunct professor for 30+ years and taught master’s level courses in Human Resources, Leadership, and Organizational Development and Strategy. She has worked with many professional and community
    organizations serving in leadership roles on many committees and boards.

     Kim and her husband have two daughters and 4 grandchildren and currently live in Minnesota but go “up north” in the summers.

    “Multicolores is a catalyst for empowering Maya women to build better lives for themselves and their families through their creativity, leadership and relationships.“