Our Team

We have a dynamic multicultural team with members from different regions of Guatemala, and Northern Ireland. Each member has a unique experience, set of skills and worldview that influences our success.



Cheryl Conway-Daly

After spending eighteen years as an academic researcher, Cheryl traveled to Guatemala in 2009, committed to working with grassroots organizations focused on women’s empowerment. After several months studying Spanish, she spent the next five years partnering with local NGOs whose core mission was to transform women’s lives through access to economic opportunity and developing their leadership skills. Cheryl has a degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Macroeconomics and is experienced in all aspects of program management and fundraising. She co-founded Multicolores in 2014 and is the co-author of the award-winning book Rug Money

“Multicolores is love, commitment and support, brought to life by the artists’ colorful palette and creative voice.”


Kimberly Castro

Kimberly has worked in human talent management, project management, administrative processes, strategic planning and as a business development advisor in different companies and institutions; she also experienced the entrepreneurship route.

All these experiences have led her through the years to her real passion: to be an active contributor to empower women in their comprehensive role. Always willing to learn and to help others.

She is convinced that art is a magnificent way to transform women’s lives and Multicolores provides the accompaniment/guide to pursue their dreams through hard work, desire of change, teamwork, leadership and proactivity. All of this makes a difference with the unique touch of their magic hands and the art they create.

“Multicolores is a special and safe place where woman can feel free to imagine, create, discover their goals and improve their skills to reach them”.


Reyna Isabel Pretzantzin

Reyna is passionate about social and sustainable development. She brings over nine years of experience from business and non-profit sectors in Guatemala. She has developed and coordinated various projects, working to connect artisans with local and international markets through fair trade and product development. She has a Bachelor´s degree in Water Management endorsed by Georgetown University in USA; she also graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala. Reyna is Maya/Kaqchikel, polylingual, co-founder of Multicolores and business owner. 

“Multicolores is a source of inspiration, creativity and happiness.”


Ramona Lucía Tzunún García

Lucía is 23 years old, and she loves culture and art, especially Guatemalan art. She is an artist specializing in embroidery techniques, which she has been practicing since 2018. She holds a degree in Business Administration and has certificates from various courses and workshops she has attended. Additionally, she has completed three levels of an English course and aims to master the language completely. Now, drawing from her expertise, she intends to share her love for art, knowledge, and leadership with artists from both disciplines to continue delivering the best in her artworks.

“Multicolores is a place filled with love for art, growth, and humanity, inspiring a deep appreciation for Guatemalan culture and tradition.”


Aura Pérez Can

Aura joined Multicolores in January 2016. She has a degree in Social Work from Mariano Galvez University- and coordinates Multicolores’ social programs focused on leadership, health and well-being. She also supports other activities for the artists’ personal and professional development. Aura believes in the importance of well-being and empowerment to transform the realities of the families, groups of artists and communities that she works with. Her vision of a more just and equal society is based on empathy and the respect of individual and social rights for everyone alike.

“Multicolores is a place of hope and well-being. The wonderful, hardworking  artists are its heart. They fill it with happiness and inspiration to keep transforming realities.”


Heydi Matzar

Heydi joined Multicolores in 2017. She brings over thirteen years of experience in accounting for non-profit organizations. Before choosing her career, she worked in the hospitality industry. Heydi is responsible for organizing, maintaining and reporting the organization’s financial records, and supporting the administrative functions in the office. She is committed to support her colleagues with responsibility, trust and respect. 

“Multicolores is an open door for new opportunities aimed at entrepreneurial and talented women, who delight us with their inspiration. They create beautiful and unique pieces of art.”


Nancy Cochoy Chex

Nancy worked over six years as a teacher for children and adolescents before specializing in clinical psychology. She started collaborating with Multicolores in 2017, leading individual and group therapy sessions, workshops and activities aimed at optimizing the artists’ mental health. Nancy is passionate about the organizations’ programs and is committed to supporting the artists through their self-discovery process, helping them to recognize and strengthen their skills. 

“Multicolores is unique for its social and human contributions. Here, the essence and sublime expressions of Maya beauty shine through art.”

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