Collection: Thelma Esperanza Cubur Solloy de Sec


Thelma has been a Multicolores artist since 2018.

Her favorite aspect of being an artist at Multicolores is thinking about her design; it allows her to generate more ideas and keeps her entertained.

She finds inspiration in the stories of traditions and customs, as well as in nature, and sometimes in her own life.

For Thelma, learning to embroider was an achievement. Before, she knew nothing about it and had never even picked up a needle. But gradually, she learned, and she feels proud to have achieved it, giving her best in the process.

“Multicolores is a great support because it helps us reach our goals and makes us feel capable of doing many things. It motivates us to put in a lot of effort. I feel good being there and being able to share with everyone.”

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